The Darkest Hour (2011)

The Darkest Hour Subtitles

Action, Adventure, Horror

2011 Year 89 Mins 4.9 Imdb

Emile Hirsch, Olivia Thirlby, Max Minghella

In Moscow, five young people lead the charge against an alien race who have attacked Earth via our power supply.

New Year's Eve (2011)

New Year's Eve Subtitles

Comedy, Romance

2011 Year 113 Mins 5.7 Imdb

Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel, Ashton Kutcher

The lives of several couples and singles in New York City intertwine over the course of New Year's Eve.

The Crossing Guard (1995)

The Crossing Guard Subtitles

Drama, Thriller

1995 Year 111 Mins 6.3 Imdb

Jack Nicholson, David Morse, Anjelica Huston

Freddy Gale is a seedy jeweller who has sworn to kill the drunk driver who killed his little girl.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011)

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol Subtitles

Action, Adventure, Thriller

2011 Year 132 Mins 7.4 Imdb

Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg

The IMF is shut down when it's implicated in the bombing of the Kremlin, causing Ethan Hunt and his new team to go rogue to clear their organization's name.

Bloodsport (1988)

Bloodsport Subtitles

Action, Biography, Drama

1988 Year 92 Mins 6.8 Imdb

Jean-Claude Van Damme, Donald Gibb, Leah Ayres

Follows Frank Dux, an American martial artist serving in the military, who decides to leave the army to compete in a martial arts tournament in Hong Kong where fights to the death can occur.

Mortal Kombat (1995)

Mortal Kombat Subtitles

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller

1995 Year 101 Mins 5.8 Imdb

Christopher Lambert, Robin Shou, Linden Ashby, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

Mortal Kombat is a movie starring Christopher Lambert, Robin Shou, and Linden Ashby. Three unknowing martial artists are summoned to a mysterious island to compete in a tournament whose outcome will decide the fate of the world.

Hysteria (2011)

Hysteria Subtitles

Comedy, Romance

2011 Year 100 Mins 6.7 Imdb

Maggie Gyllenhaal, Hugh Dancy, Jonathan Pryce

The truth of how Mortimer Granville devised the invention of the first vibrator in the name of medical science.

Hop (2011)

Hop Subtitles

Animation, Adventure, Comedy

2011 Year 95 Mins 5.5 Imdb

Russell Brand, James Marsden, Elizabeth Perkins

E.B., the Easter Bunny's teenage son, heads to Hollywood, determined to become a drummer in a rock 'n' roll band. In LA, he's taken in by Fred after the out-of-work slacker hits E.B. with his car.

Kickboxer (1989)

Kickboxer Subtitles

Action, Sport, Thriller

1989 Year 97 Mins 6.4 Imdb

Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dennis Alexio, Dennis Chan

Kurt Sloane must learn the ancient kick boxing art of Muay Thai in order to avenge his brother.

Waterworld (1995)

Waterworld Subtitles

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

1995 Year 135 Mins 6.1 Imdb

Kevin Costner, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Dennis Hopper

In a future where the polar ice-caps have melted and Earth is almost entirely submerged, a mutated mariner fights starvation and outlaw "smokers," and reluctantly helps a woman and a young girl try to find dry land.

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