Sarajevo (2014)

Sarajevo Subtitles

Drama, History, War

2014 Year 98 Mins 6.8 Imdb

Radek Balcárek, Christoph Bittenauer, Tereza Blazková, Mateusz Dopieralski

Sarajevo is a TV movie starring Radek Balcárek, Christoph Bittenauer, and Tereza Blazková. On June 28, 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is in Sarajevo with his wife, Sophie. While through the city by car, they are victims...

Suomen hauskin mies (2018)

Suomen hauskin mies Subtitles

Drama, History, War

2018 Year 103 Mins 7.0 Imdb

Martti Suosalo, Jani Volanen, Leena Pöysti, Paavo Kinnunen

Suomen hauskin mies is a movie starring Martti Suosalo, Jani Volanen, and Leena Pöysti. In a detention camp in 1918, a group of Finnish actors are sentenced to death. When an important German general arrives, the camp's vicious...

Down River (2018)

Down River Subtitles

Action, War

2018 Year 70 Mins 3.4 Imdb

Alexander Raye Pimentel, Cody Poirot, Zachary Greene, Christopher Diaz

Down River is a movie starring Alexander Raye Pimentel, Cody Poirot, and Zachary Greene. Four soldiers trapped behind enemy lines must confront their fears and desires while finding a way back to their battalion.

Long Forgotten Fields (2016)

Long Forgotten Fields Subtitles

Drama, War

2016 Year 80 Mins 6.2 Imdb

Simon Armstrong, Rebecca Birch, Tom Campion, Caroline Hamer

Long Forgotten Fields is a movie starring Simon Armstrong, Rebecca Birch, and Tom Campion. On Sam's return from military service, Lily sets her heart on revitalising their relationship, but with Sam's worsening PTSD isolating him...

The Wipers Times (2013)

The Wipers Times Subtitles


2013 Year 92 Mins 7.1 Imdb

Ben Chaplin, Patrick FitzSymons, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Steve Oram

The Wipers Times is a TV movie starring Ben Chaplin, Patrick FitzSymons, and Julian Rhind-Tutt. Just after the First World War Fred Roberts goes for a job as a newspaper journalist and tells the sub-editor how, in the trenches in...

Le 17e parallèle: La guerre du peuple (1968)

Le 17e parallèle: La guerre du peuple Subtitles

Documentary, War

1968 Year 113 Mins 7.7 Imdb


They Shall Not Grow Old (2018)

They Shall Not Grow Old Subtitles

Documentary, History, War

2018 Year 99 Mins 8.7 Imdb


Going Back (2009)

Going Back Subtitles

Action, Drama, War

2009 Year 113 Mins 5.5 Imdb

Casper Van Dien, Jaimz Woolvett, Bobby Hosea, Joseph Griffin

Going Back is a movie starring Casper Van Dien, Jaimz Woolvett, and Bobby Hosea. A group of Marines return to Vietnam with a news crew to relive their tragic war experiences.

Nazi Overlord (2018)

Nazi Overlord Subtitles

Action, Adventure, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller, War

2018 Year 91 Mins 2.0 Imdb

Tom Sizemore, Dominique Swain, Andrew Liberty, Greg Furman

Nazi Overlord is a movie starring Tom Sizemore, Dominique Swain, and Andrew Liberty. A D-Day rescue mission turns ugly when a band of Allied soldiers battle with horrific experiments created by the Nazis.

Krzyzacy (1960)

Krzyzacy Subtitles

Adventure, Drama, History, Romance, War

1960 Year 166 Mins 6.9 Imdb

Urszula Modrzynska, Grazyna Staniszewska, Andrzej Szalawski, Henryk Borowski

Krzyzacy is a movie starring Urszula Modrzynska, Grazyna Staniszewska, and Andrzej Szalawski. In the 15th century the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is facing a hard struggle against the neighboring Teutonic Order.Frequent clashes...

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