Drachenmädchen (2013)

Drachenmädchen Subtitles

Documentary, Action, Biography, Drama, Sport

2013 Year 90 Mins 7.3 Imdb

Xin Chenxi, Chen Xi, Huang Luolan, Yang Ziyu

Drachenmädchen is a movie starring Xin Chenxi, Chen Xi, and Huang Luolan. The documentary "Drachenmädchen" (Dragon Girls) tells the story of three Chinese girls, training to become Kung Fu fighters, far away from their families at...

Make Us Dream (2018)

Make Us Dream Subtitles

Documentary, Biography, Sport

2018 Year 104 Mins 8.3 Imdb

Steve Bruce, Jamie Carragher, Gaël Clichy, Kenny Dalglish

Make Us Dream is a movie starring Steve Bruce, Jamie Carragher, and Gaël Clichy. Documentary about the mercurial football career of Steven Gerrard, one of Liverpool FCs finest ever players.

The Dawn Wall (2018)

The Dawn Wall Subtitles

Documentary, Adventure, Biography, Sport

2018 Year 100 Mins 8.3 Imdb

John Branch, Tommy Caldwell, Kevin Jorgeson

The Dawn Wall is a movie starring John Branch, Tommy Caldwell, and Kevin Jorgeson. In an unbelievable story of perseverance, free climber Tommy Caldwell and climbing partner Kevin Jorgeson attempt to scale the impossible 3000ft Dawn...

Johnny Be Good (1988)

Johnny Be Good Subtitles

Comedy, Sport

1988 Year 91 Mins 4.5 Imdb

Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Downey Jr., Paul Gleason, Uma Thurman

Johnny Be Good is a movie starring Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Downey Jr., and Paul Gleason. It's recruiting time and despite being short and scrawny, Johnny Walker is America's hottest young football prospect. His dilemma: should...

Brawler (2019)

Brawler Subtitles

Biography, Crime, Drama, History, Romance, Sport

2019 Year 95 Mins N/A Imdb

Zach McGowan, Amy Smart, Joe Pantoliano, Taryn Manning

Brawler is a movie starring Zach McGowan, Amy Smart, and Joe Pantoliano. In 1975, a Bayonne, New Jersey underdog boxer gets a shot to fight the champ.

Worth (2018)

Worth Subtitles


2018 Year 84 Mins 6.5 Imdb

Tony Todd, Clifton Powell, Miguel A. Núñez Jr., Eduardo Castrillo

Worth is a movie starring Tony Todd, Clifton Powell, and Miguel A. Núñez Jr.. Ricky, a top contender in Muay Thai Kickboxing trains for the title belt, all the while dealing with new relationships, money problems, and family drama.

United Passions (2014)

United Passions Subtitles

Drama, History, Sport

2014 Year 110 Mins 2.1 Imdb

Sam Neill, Tim Roth, Fisher Stevens, Gérard Depardieu

United Passions is a movie starring Sam Neill, Tim Roth, and Fisher Stevens. Follows the passing of the FIFA baton through three association presidents: Jules Rimet, Joao Havelange, and Sepp Blatter.

Unbridled (2017)

Unbridled Subtitles

Adult, Drama, Romance, Sport

2017 Year 127 Mins N/A Imdb

Stormy Daniels, Lyra Law, Marcus London, Rachel Starr

The Circuit (2008)

The Circuit Subtitles

Action, Comedy, Drama, Sport

2008 Year 88 Mins 5.3 Imdb

Michelle Trachtenberg, Drew Fuller, Paul Rae, Billy Campbell

The Circuit is a TV movie starring Michelle Trachtenberg, Drew Fuller, and Paul Rae. The dynamic between a father and his estranged daughter spills over to the race track, where the duo go head-to-head.

12 Round Gun (2018)

12 Round Gun Subtitles

Drama, Sport

2018 Year 92 Mins 5.2 Imdb

Jared Abrahamson, Holly Gagnier, Cassi Thomson, Mark Boone Junior

12 Round Gun is a movie starring Jared Abrahamson, Holly Gagnier, and Cassi Thomson. A washed up, alcoholic ex-prizefighter makes a comeback to boxing after his top heavyweight contender son is wrongfully blinded in the ring.

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