One Direction: This Is Us (2013)

One Direction: This Is Us Subtitles

Documentary, Music

2013 Year 92 Mins 4.2 Imdb

Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan

One Direction: This Is Us is a movie starring Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik. A look at Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Harry's meteoric rise to fame, from their humble hometown beginnings and competing on the X-Factor, to...

The Phantom of the Opera (1989)

The Phantom of the Opera Subtitles

Drama, Horror, Music, Romance

1989 Year 93 Mins 5.5 Imdb

Robert Englund, Jill Schoelen, Alex Hyde-White, Bill Nighy

The Phantom of the Opera is a movie starring Robert Englund, Jill Schoelen, and Alex Hyde-White. A young soprano becomes the obsession of a horribly disfigured composer, who has plans for those who oppose him or the young singer.

Battle of the Year (2013)

Battle of the Year Subtitles

Drama, Music

2013 Year 110 Mins 5.1 Imdb

Josh Holloway, Laz Alonso, Josh Peck, Caity Lotz

Battle of the Year is a movie starring Josh Holloway, Laz Alonso, and Josh Peck. Battle of the Year attracts all the best teams from around the world, but the Americans haven't won in fifteen years. Dante enlists Blake to assemble a...

Music and Lyrics (2007)

Music and Lyrics Subtitles

Comedy, Music, Romance

2007 Year 96 Mins 6.5 Imdb

Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore, Scott Porter, Nick Bacon

Music and Lyrics is a movie starring Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore, and Scott Porter. A washed up singer is given a couple days to compose a chart-topping hit for an aspiring teen sensation. Though he's never written a decent lyric in...

Good Vibrations (2013)

Good Vibrations Subtitles

Biography, Drama, Music

2013 Year 103 Mins 7.2 Imdb

Jodie Whittaker, Richard Dormer, Liam Cunningham, Killian Scott

Good Vibrations is a movie starring Jodie Whittaker, Richard Dormer, and Liam Cunningham. A chronicle of Terri Hooley's life, a record-store owner instrumental in developing Belfast's punk-rock scene.

Burlesque (2010)

Burlesque Subtitles

Drama, Music, Musical, Romance

2010 Year 119 Mins 6.4 Imdb

Cher, Christina Aguilera, Alan Cumming, Eric Dane

Burlesque is a movie starring Cher, Christina Aguilera, and Alan Cumming. A small-town girl ventures to Los Angeles and finds her place in a neo-burlesque club run by a former dancer.

Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993)

Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit Subtitles

Comedy, Family, Music

1993 Year 107 Mins 5.5 Imdb

Whoopi Goldberg, Kathy Najimy, Maggie Smith, Barnard Hughes

Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit is a movie starring Whoopi Goldberg, Kathy Najimy, and Maggie Smith. Showgirl Deloris Van Cartier returns as Sister Mary Clarence to teach music to a group of Catholic students whose run-down school...

The Meaning of Life (1983)

The Meaning of Life Subtitles

Comedy, Musical

1983 Year 107 Mins 7.6 Imdb

John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones

The Meaning of Life is a movie starring John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, and Eric Idle. The comedy team takes a look at life in all its stages in their own uniquely silly way.

Sister Act (1992)

Sister Act Subtitles

Comedy, Crime, Family, Music

1992 Year 100 Mins 6.3 Imdb

Whoopi Goldberg, Maggie Smith, Kathy Najimy, Wendy Makkena

Sister Act is a movie starring Whoopi Goldberg, Maggie Smith, and Kathy Najimy. When a worldly singer witnesses a mob crime, the police hide her as a nun in a traditional convent where she has trouble fitting in.

Shall We Dance (2004)

Shall We Dance Subtitles

Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance

2004 Year 106 Mins 6.1 Imdb

Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez, Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci

Shall We Dance is a movie starring Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez, and Susan Sarandon. A romantic comedy where a bored, overworked Estate Lawyer, upon first sight of a beautiful instructor, signs up for ballroom dancing lessons.

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